Tangle® Colorburst Blues (5-pack)

$ 30.00

Get Creative with our Blue-themed Tangle Jr. 5-Pack Assortment!

This vibrant assortment includes:
1pc Tangle® Jr. Crush 5 - Snow
1pc Tangle® Jr. Glow in the Dark - Blue Raspberry Slushy
1pc Tangle® Jr. Masterpiece - Splash
1pc Tangle® Jr. Wild - Snake
1pc Tangle® Jr. Textured Metallic - Blue

Dive into an ocean of sensory exploration and artistic inspiration with our exclusive 5-pack assortment of blue Tangle Jr. sensory learning/art toys. Designed to engage the senses and foster creativity, these versatile toys offer an enriching sensory experience like no other.


  1. Textures Galore: Each pack includes a curated mix of smooth and textured Tangle Jr. toys, offering a range of tactile sensations for endless exploration and discovery.

  2. Captivating Blue HuesDive into a world of pink with our assortment of Tangle Jr. toys, featuring various pink shades and patterns to stimulate creativity and captivate the imagination.

  3. Promotes Learning and Development: Ideal for play and learning, Tangle Jr. toys promote fine motor skills, sensory processing, and artistic expression, catering to individuals of all ages.

  4. Conveniently Portable: Compact and lightweight, these Tangle Jr. toys are perfect for on-the-go entertainment, whether at home, school, or while traveling.

Why Choose Our 5-Pack Assortment?

Our 5-pack assortment offers exceptional value compared to purchasing individual Tangle Jr. toys. Priced at just $30, you'll receive a comprehensive collection of sensory learning/art toys that promise hours of enjoyment and enrichment.

Unleash Creative Potential

Whether you're seeking stress relief, enhancing focus, or nurturing artistic talent, our Blue-themed Tangle Jr. 5-Pack Assortment is the ultimate companion for unleashing creativity and engaging the senses. Get yours today and embark on a journey of limitless inspiration!