About Us

Tangle Creations is a company known for its innovative and therapeutic sensory toys, particularly the Tangle® toy. The Tangle toy is a series of interconnected, curved segments that can be twisted, bent, and manipulated into various shapes and patterns. It was originally invented by Richard X. Zawitz in the 1980s.

The Tangle toy was initially designed as a tool to help individuals improve their hand coordination and fine motor skills. However, it quickly gained popularity beyond its therapeutic applications and became a beloved fidget toy for people of all ages. Its tactile nature and endless possibilities for manipulation make it a satisfying and calming sensory experience for many.

Over the years, Tangle Creations has expanded its product line to include different variations of the Tangle toy, such as different sizes, textures, and colors, to cater to various preferences and sensory needs. They've also developed other sensory toys and products aimed at promoting relaxation, focus, and stress relief.

Tangle toys are often used in educational settings, therapy sessions, offices, and homes as tools for improving concentration, reducing anxiety, and promoting mindfulness. The company has gained a loyal following among individuals with sensory processing disorders, ADHD, autism, and other conditions, as well as those simply looking for a fun and engaging way to fidget and destress.

Overall, Tangle Creations has made a significant impact in the field of sensory toys, providing a unique and versatile product that brings joy and comfort to many people around the world.