About Tangle Creations

about tangle creationsTangle® Creations is the evolution of Tangle Toys, a company that began over 40 years ago and was founded on the concept of “Creativity for All." Our mission began in 1981 with the invention of the Original Tangle Sculpture. With the success of the Original Tangle Sculpture, Richard X Zawitz, founder and creative force behind Tangle, has developed a myriad of products based on the original invention. The products are as far afield as miniature sculptures, toys, inflatables, McDonald’s premiums, pens, lamps, chairs, sports balls, R/C robotic toys, science models, therapy devices (with FDA registration) and entertainment content. To date, over 250 million units of Tangles have been sold worldwide.

The original Tangle is a series of 90-degree curved sections, jointed together and able to pivot at each point. A Tangle has no beginning and no end. Experientially, a Tangle is much more than just a series of connected curves. It’s an art form you can hold in your hands; Once you pick it up, you won’t want to put it down!

The Tangle was created by Richard X Zawitz, sculptor and Asian Art scholar. Richard was looking for universality in form and symbolism and discovered a universal energy pattern in spirals and helio-concentric forms. He then decided to focus on a mission to discover a 3-dimensional form anyone could relate to. This eventually led to his discovery of the Tangle (tangent angle) and its incredible energy. Watching individuals interact with his art lead Richard to realize that people everywhere had an undeniable desire to touch and manipulate the fluidity of its curving wonderful-to-feel-and-hold shapes.

Tangle Creations’ mission is to continue to invent and develop products, ideas, and services with global utility and solutions. Tangle Creations is, was and always will be dedicated to Peace Through Creativity.