Tangle Therapy & Wellness

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Tangle Therapy® is an entirely ergonomic approach to stress and pain relief.

The Tangle Therapy® & Wellness program includes a complete line of hand therapy & mind wellness products: 

  • Tangle Therapy®
  • Relax Therapy

The Tangle Therapy® consists of 20 interconnected twistable pieces - each covered with a soft (latex-free) rubberized material designed for maximum tactile experience..

Tangle Therapy has been issued a “Medical Device Establishment Registration” (#3004511013) by US FDA for the following specific uses:

  • Stop Smoking Aid
  • Removes Minor Stress
  • Improves Range of Hand Motion
  • Restores Motion of Joints
  • Improves Muscle Performance
  • Strengthens Finger Muscles
  • Rehabilitates Hand Muscles and Joints


Recommended by: Doctors, Physical Therapists, Mental Health Care Professionals, & Educators

My husband and I just bought several of your Tangle Products. I am a supervisor for an ambulance dispatch center and took the Tangle Therapies to work with me. The dispatchers love them! Talk about stress relief! We have a high stress job and this is a great release. Thanks for making a really cool product!
– Tiffany, Boston, MA


As an occupational therapy tool, Tangle can be used in a broad array of applications by our clients. Tangle helps develop fine motor dexterity and coordination in fingers and hands. It enhances visual motor processing, which helps Tangle users see the effects muscle movements have on objects. Tangle provides pleasing visual and tactile stimulation. It also serves as a wonderful outlet for frustration and anxiety and helps clients focus their attention.
- Cathy Adams and Greg Bonogofsky, Occupational Therapists, El Camino Hospital, CA



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