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Developed by Professor Marcel Jaspers, Chair of Organic Chemistry at the University of Aberdeen and Richard X Zawitz, inventor and creator of the Tangle Particle.

Our Tangle Protein Building Set is considered one of the most accurate protein building sets for students and bio-chemistry enthusiasts to learn about the world's bio-molecular structure. Our kit is robust and most suitable for training purposes as well as theoretical explorations due to the kinesthetic learning possible when working with a Tangle. Not complicated by excessive amino group functions the Tangle Protein Set is ideal for all ages to learn the basics of protein structures.

Tangle Protein Set comes with instructions for making Streptococcal, Ubiquitin, ῳ-Conotoxin and you can always visit the Protein Data Bank for more inspiration http://www.rcsb.org/pdb.

Tangle Proteins teach and inspire!

News coverage 

Tangle Proteins allow you to build different proteins using various shapes of plastic pieces which represent the different amino acids. You are given simple instruction for how to create the different proteins and also explanations as to the functions they play in the body so you can learn while you build. I hope the Tangle Proteins will be used to teach the protein structure in schools and universities in an intuitive and visual way . . . I think part of this is that is it is really good fun to play with these and by doing so you learn a lot about how proteins really work – you can hold, inspect and manipulate them, which you cannot do with a computer model."

"Innovative "protein" toy created by Aberdeen scientist," University of Aberdeen, Scotland

"Ever try to build a protein using a classic chemistry ball-and-stick model set? It can be a mess. And even though computer programs allow scientists to build and manipulate protein structures in silico, the simulations lack the tangible benefits of being, well, tangible."

Chemical & Engineering News

"Another great model to use when teaching about proteins involves those large loops segments (tangle toys) that you can find in toy stores. I once bought up every one I found at a local store . . . So I form a long wavy chain with these and use it to represent an amino acid sequence of a protein (polypeptide) which is the primary structure. Then I can spiral a part of it into a helix to show the secondary structure. Finally, I can form a big handful globular shape to show the tertiary structure – and then connect that shape to enzyme function. I can use the little bumps to represent possible di-sulfide bonding and bumps of other colors to represent hydrogen bonding sites. This visual model really helps my students with understanding the structure of proteins at a basic level."

"Enliven Your Class with Simulations and Analogies" - Judy, Teacher's Network

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Please note: Colors may vary. Due to separating segments, the Tangle Jr. is a choking hazard for children under the age of 3.