Tangle Jr. Die Cast Metal Edition

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This die-cast metal Tangle Jr. with its modern, metallic finish and sleek design was inspired by the Tibetan Infinite Knot and is truly a work of art.  With 18 interconnected pieces, this twisty art toy keeps your hands busy.

Made of real die-cast metal with a chrome finish, this Tangle consists of 90 degree angles that are interconnected to create endless curves and a mesmerizing motion when you interact with this movable sculpture. Made of a heavier die cast metal, the Tangle Chrome Jr. feels almost like a paper weight, giving one a sense of well-being as well as evoking creativity with its twistable turning motion. Its simplistic elegance coupled with its fluidity and weight make for a highly unique and pleasing tactile experience.

Make your own three-dimensional creative artistic statement. This smaller version of the Tangle is the perfect way to turn your desk into a private art gallery.

Please note: The sections of this Die Cast Metal Tangle Jr. are not meant to come apart and cannot be put back together once broken. Handle this unique art toy with care.

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