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Many of the teachers were skeptical… but OMG the impact that tangles has had on my students at the high school students, both general ed and special ed students has been outstanding. ADHD students either love them or they drive them crazy. Those that love them have raised their scores on tests and quizzes. Our principal is ADHD and I gave him 4 tangles which as he is sitting at board meetings I have seen him playing with them on tv. I have a student with an emotional disability and he has to get it flattened up. When he is upset he grabs the tangle and works with it until they get it flat to the table. It helps that student get the frustration out of his system by flattening it. I have to roll it in my fingers when sitting in meetings now. The nurse in the building has asked for any extras to give to students that come down with emotional and in pain. The discipline principal gives them to that student that needs to get their frustrations out. I have one student that sits and takes it apart and puts it back together during class discussions. He is able to listen and work with his hands. Thank you soooo much. I have given Tangles my A in the grade book for tools that help every child no matter what the need. I will tell you that it really makes me mad when my students link my 20 class room set together and try to jump rope. I tell them now put them back together in the right amount or I will hunt you down. :O) I just want to thank you for touching the lives of both adults and children in the Franklin Community School Corporation. Your contribution has kept all of us out of trouble on one occasion or another. We treasure your contributions to our schools and we love the age appropriateness of the toy at any level.
- Pam
Franklin Community School Corporation

I just purchased one of your Tangle Balls a few weeks ago. I work in a public school and teachers, who are highly opposed to ‘toys’ in their classrooms, have come back to me telling me that their students have stayed in class and listened with the Tangle. I have seen improvements with the use of this and the Tangle has been the most popular with the students in having lasting effects. Thank you so much for this product.

- Julie K.
School Psychologist

My students, particularly children with high distractibility, find it helpful to have something to do with their hands when they are relating a story. It helps them to focus on the pertinent aspects while their motor overflow from their anxiety is discharged on the Tangle.
- Lillian
New Jersey

As a first year teacher, I gave a Tangle to my student and witnessed an amazing transformation. The student was able to concentrate better on lessons. If you are a teacher, or have a child who can’t sit still, this is a must have!
- Jamieson R.
Louisville, KY

I am a 3rd Grade teacher and have used a Tangle toy as a ‘fidget’ for students who need something to hold onto while they are learning. They are also great stress reliever’s for students as they study or take tests.
- Erin S.

I just wanted to thank you for making this amazing product! I got my first tangle three years ago and was addicted right away. I don’t know what it is about the Tangle that makes it so hard to put down. I’m a student and tangle helps me concentrate and focus on my work while helping me feel less stressed. It is also very helpful when I am studying. That was definitely one of the best purchases I ever made.
Thank you,

My class loved them [Tangles] and used them for the rest of the class period after they received them. They loved the designs, how they were detachable, and that they were small and portable. Also, with our finals just around the corner, it helped with focus and stress-relief. Thank you so much for sending my class the Tangles; we got extra credit and our class loved them!
Thanks again,

The AIT team has Fidget boxes that include various different tactile and manipulative items. These items are checked out to teachers throughout our four districts, to utilize with their students either identified on the Autism spectrum, diagnosed with AD/HD, or those needing items to assist with self-regulation and anxiety. We have 30 boxes, and currently 24 have been check out. Teachers have commented that the Tangles assist the student stay on task, participate in active listening, and reduce anxiety with regards to task demands. Teachers also enjoy manipulating them themselves.
- Catherine
School Psychologist

I used Tangles to teach the students problem solving techniques, as well as how to handle frustration. It was wonderful to see the students finally understand that with time they can figure out any problem . . . in math or otherwise.
- Kristine N.
Fifth Grade Teacher
Park Ridge, IL

Tangle toys have been used in our classroom this year. Most of the students can Tangle for long periods of time and believe me their attention span is not very long.
- Frances D.
Teacher, Somerset, KY

Tangles have become popular with all our kids from Pre-K through High School – literally our entire 216 student population. Tangles are great for hand and mind wellness as well as fine motor skills development.
- Meredith H.
Director of Advancement, The Vanguard School

I handed the Tangles out to teachers in the lower, middle, and upper classrooms for their students. As I predicted, the Tangles were a hit. Teachers as well as students were approaching me because they wanted their own Tangle.
- Brenda
The Vanguard School

I am amazed! I have been teaching seven years. I have never found a more positive approach to helping ADHD diagnosed children learn than when I experimented with a Tangle toy. Wow! Children who need to move something enjoy using a Tangle toy. Children who didn’t know they needed to move use a Tangle toy too!
- Sherry F.

I am a teacher at El Mirage Elementary in Arizona working with 5th to 8th grade students with emotional and learning disabilities. I love to use brain-stretching techniques with the students and recently showed them a Tangle. It was a hit! I use them for topics such as math and reasoning skills to spatial perception and even learning patience.
- Naomi S.

I was giving a demonstration of behavior control for better communicative intentions to a group of speech language clinicians and teachers. There was a student present who was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder. I took out my Tangle toy. After demonstrating how it could be manipulated, I gave the Tangle to the child. His behavior began to change as he manipulated the Tangle toy. Thanks for the Tangle toy reward system!
- James L.

I am an occupational therapist employed by the 6th largest school district in Texas. I handed a Tangle toy to a student who was having behavioral issues that were quickly escalating. After playing with the Tangle, he immediately became engaged with manipulating it and calmed down. Thank you.
- Cindy C.
Northside Independent School District, San Antonio, TX

Thank you so much for helping me academically reach a student that I have. Since using the Tangle toy, he is under control and attentive during lectures. It truly is amazing. - Susan Q.

Hi, I am a teacher and I first saw Tangles at a conference. I use them daily for my students who can’t keep their hands to themselves and who need something to manipulate. Many teachers have asked about them, even the District Director.
- Beth Ann C.

I was introduced to your product by a friend who speaks at educational conferences who was talking about how Tangles can be useful working with children with special needs. I have a child who always has her hands and eyes moving and tried it with her. It seemed to give her hands something to do so she could focus more on our conversation instead of where her hands were.
- Sherri K.

I am a behavior consultant for our intermediate school district and now have a collection of Tangles to share wherever I go. Our occupational therapists are especially happy with my passion for Tangles because they are great way to meet the sensory needs of many students without creating classrooms disruptions. Thank you for creating such a fun, therapeutic toy to share!
- Lacy

As a teacher, I plan on introducing every class I have to Tangles to help them focus, work on behavior problems and most importantly, expand their minds. You may have just discovered the link between the physical and metaphysical. Thanks!
- Sarahmarie

My students, particularly children with high distractability, find it helpful to have something to do with their hands when they are relating a story. It helps them to focus on the pertinent aspects while their motor overflow from their anxiety is discharged on the Tangle.
- Lillian, New Jersey

As an educator of pre-service teachers of special education, we have enjoyed endless activities using the huge variety of Tangle Toys. I use Tangle Toys during demonstrations and hands-on experiences within my classroom, as well as working directly with individuals with disabilities. The sensory-stimulation we gain from using these amazingly textured, brightly-colored Toys is remarkable! Thank you Tangle Toys for engineering an absolutely amazing and welcome manipulative to the world of 'education'.
- Deitra K.


I love the little Tangle creations. I originally had been introduced to [the] product about three years ago. Ever year I go on a walk for MS. It is 50 miles in three days and is accomplished in one weekend a year. One of my friends I walk with, whom suffers from MS, gave the group these Tangles to use while we walked. They help prevent our hands from swelling up like hands normally do when you walk for long distances. They were also useful at keeping our minds off of our sore bodies.
Thank you for your product and keep up the good work. 
- Deborah

My name is Alexandra, and I am a case manager at a day training facility that provides services to adults with developmental disabilities. I just wanted to contact you to inform you that we love your tangles! They are wonderful sensory tools, and our clients benefit greatly from their use. We serve about 155 people every day, and sometimes with all the commotion, it is nice to have a soothing manipulative. Thank you for developing such a wonderful product!

- Alexandra
Educational Services

I love the tangle toys because I have tics (involuntary movements and vocalizations) and fidgeting with the tangle toy helps me calm down and reduce my tics. This is really great for people with tic disorders like myself to help relax them at school, work, out and about, and especially for going to bed.
- Jhonelle

For over ten years I have professionally and personally recommended the Tangle line of toys for people on the autism spectrum. These innovative toys are durable, provide lots of finger movement, have interesting textures and are quiet. They work wonderfully well as fidgets for the classroom. My personal favorite, the Tangle Relax, is a fantastic calming toy for autistic individuals who enjoy tactile stimulation.
Kindest regards,
Bonnie Arnwine
National Autism Resources Inc.

Just wanted you folks to know your products have been a source of joy and entertainment for my son Michael who is 6 years old and lives with multiple physical and mental challenges. I put a Tangle in his hand almost 5 months ago and he has not put it down since. It is therapeutic for him in so many ways. Keep up the great work. - Kimberly H.

I just want to complement you on making the most amazing toy in the history of the world. I am a kid who plays a lot of video games and was considering going to play some video games when I went outside so I could Tangle in the beautiful sunshine. Tangle is such an amazing toy that it even made me change my habits! Tangle is a timeless masterpiece that proves that sometimes it’s the simple things that make life great.
- Jack U.

I have been a child psychologist for 25+ years and for the last 20 of those years I have had a yellow neon Tangle in my office. Over the years, there have been countless little hands that have played with the Tangle while they talk about school, girl problems, and parent problems.”
- Dr. Gerard D.

“Just wanted you folks to know your products have been a source of joy and entertainment for my son Michael who is 6 years old and lives with multiple physical and mental challenges. I put a Tangle in his hand almost 5 months ago and he has not put it down since. It is therapeutic for him in so many ways. Keep up the great work.
- Kimberly H.

Over the last 3 years I have been experimenting with different things to see what works and what doesn’t; my work is very experimental due to deaf-blindness being such an unknown condition. A couple of years ago you kindly donated some Tangles to us. These have been so successful. It is amazing how something so simple can make such a difference and it is then when it becomes more than a toy.

- Jonathan L.
Senior Support Worker, Deafblind UK

As an occupational therapy tool, Tangle can be used in a broad array of applications by our clients. Tangle helps develop fine motor dexterity and coordination in fingers and hands. It enhances visual motor processing, which helps Tangle users see the effects muscle movements have on objects. Tangle provides pleasing visual and tactile stimulation. It also serves as a wonderful outlet for frustration and anxiety and helps clients focus their attention.

- Cathy Adams and Greg Bonogofsky 
Occupational Therapists El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, California

The first Tangle I ever saw was in a free box at a garage sale. A small unassuming but colorful little interesting item. I picked it up and felt something wonderful. It reminded me of when I was a child and had pop beads. They were beads that you could take apart and put back together and spend hours and hours making different color combinations and wear them. I immediately took the Tangle home, washed it, and gave it to my 28 year old son who has a progressive degenerative neurological disease. He is in a wheelchair, non-verbal, and has limited movement with his hands. He grabbed the Tangle between his fingers and proceeded to manipulate it for hours at a time. It is his only toy. Thanks so much for creating this wonderful item.
- Linda 
Tualatin, OR

I'm Brazilian. I'm 53 years old, a medical doctor and a psychoanalyst. I always had the wish to quit smoking cigarettes. My obstacle was to wonder about the abstinence. Well one day a client coming back from NY brought me a gift. A chrome Tangle. Little by little I was tangling myself with my toy and I quit. No more cigarettes but always Tangle. I take my Tangle everywhere and people ask me what is for. My answer is the same because it is what I feel: it is for maintaining myself to be healthier and above all, HAPPY. When people I know are going to NY, I say: Go and get a Tangle. Thank you very much.
- Cid 

My son was diagnosed with a mood disorder and ADHD. Tangle Toys have been such a relaxer for him. They help him focus and have fun at the same time. We have even introduced the Tangle to his therapist who has introduced them to kids with autism. He says that this toy has an amazing soothing quality. This toy and company are truly amazing, and deserve credit for helping kids find peace.
- Anonymous, IL


I absolutely love the Tangle! Prior to using it, my hands and arms would start to ache after typing for extended periods of time. Thanks to the Tangle, no more pain.
- Vicki K.

I just wanted to thank you for making a great product. I recently started a new job and went through a rigorous two week training session. Since much of the time was spent listening to my supervisors' instructions, my mind tended to wander. One of my coworkers let me borrow her Tangle Toy one day and I found that while playing with the toy in my hands, I was able to fully concentrate on the information that was being presented. I now feel confident at work that I will be very successful at my job! Thank you Tangle Toys!!!!
- Keturah

I got one of the Tangle Toys via a stop smoking link. It really is working for me in more ways than one. Not only does it take my mind of lighting that cigarette, it also provides fun for the whole family in making shapes and getting others to guess what they are. I am holding tight onto this as my three grandchildren have already tried to take it home. I do not mind sharing it but I am keeping it as it is through this I am staying off smoking. - Patricia Scotland

I have utilized Tangle Therapy in post-operative hand surgical cases with success and patient satisfaction. I have found Tangle Therapy to be effective both physically and psychologically. It's really an amazing therapy tool.
- Dr. David S. Parker
Orthopedic Surgeon

My former mother-in-law is in the hospital recovering from surgery. I brought her the Therapy Tangle to help her weakened hands. It was a huge hit. She loved it, as did all her nurses who wanted to know where they could buy more. Everyone who saw hers picked it up and played and commented on how "cool" it was. (Of course you are used to this reaction . . .) It is always hard to think of a "cheer-up" gift to bring to an elderly or physically-challenged loved one. The Therapy Tangle is just the thing! Fun, healthful- and quite the conversation piece, besides!
- Mary Beth
New York

I am a big fan of Tangles! I first discovered a Tangle on Mackinac Island and have kept it on my desk ever since. In fact, I am a behavior consultant for our intermediate school district and now have a collection of Tangles to share everywhere I go. When I provide training for teachers and other school staff, I am always sure to have Tangles on the table as "fidgets" and frequently end up giving them away since no one wants to give them back and I can\'t help but want to share the fun! I keep a supply of Tangle Jr.'s handy wherever I go and love to give them to students, staff, and parents. Our occupational therapists are especially happy with my passion for Tangles because they are a great way to meet the sensory needs of many students without creating classroom disruptions. Thank you for creating such a fun, therapeutic toy to share! If I continue to be so generous with Tangles, I think I may need to beg for our administration to find a place for them in our budget!
- Lacy

I am currently working in a Nicotine Dependence Program helping people quit smoking. I have used stress balls and etc...in my groups...but recently ordered a Fiddle Diddle Box through Trainers Warehouse out of Natick,MA which had the fiddle key chain. My clients have loved them! They are easy to manipulate with one hand and believe it or not have helped in the recovery process from those who are quitting smoking. Some of the behaviors of handling the cigarettes are some of the toughest obstacles to overcome and manipulating the fiddle product has seriously helped. They like the small version which can be manipulated with one hand. I am surprised at how taken everyone is with them! ... My clients love them!
- Mary Lynn

I have to say that your Tangle Toy is the reason I made it through quitting smoking. It was the perfect hand toy to keep my hands entertained. Thank you for such a great toy. Any plans for maybe joining up with American Cancer Society to help with the Great American Smoke Out or something like that?
- Tricia

[...] I am a therapist who works with clients in a partial hospital setting.  In recent years, our Occupational Therapy staff has been teaching us about the importance of recognizing and addressing sensory issues.  Yesterday while leading a therapy group, I gave a Tangle to an especially distressed client.  She reported within a few minutes that this was helping to reduce her stress level significantly.  After hearing her feedback, two other group members asked for the opportunity to try Tangles as well.  They also began using them and shared that not only did it reduce their anxiety, but they were better able to listen and attend in group. My only regret was that we didn't have Tangles for the rest of the group members as they all wanted to try them out.
- Mary M., MSW, LICSW
Essentia Health Partial Hospital
Duluth, MN

Hi there! I have been struggling for a long time with self harming and anxiety, and other mental health illnesses. I bought a Tangle after I was hospitalized recently for suicide attempts, and I saw many people around with Tangles. I hoped that by buying one, it would help me by lowering my anxiety, and giving me something for my hands to do other than hurting myself when I had strong emotions. It also helped me get my mind off of taking my life. I had bought a texturized one, and I bought a Tangle Jr. as well.  I'm even planning to buy a third. I just wanted to say that the creator of the Tangle toys was so creative, and having my Tangles with me everyday really makes me feel better. I use it during therapy sessions all the time, and it helps tremendously. I have recommended the Tangle to many people already. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I appreciate it.
- Lexi C.

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