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Yoheha® Sky Pong

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NEW! Yoheha®'s Sky Pong brings new life to catch play!


  • Age 8+

  • Single player – launch a sky pong ball against a wall and catch it back with the launcher

  • Multi-players – aim and launch a Sky Pong ball in your opponent’s direction. Opponent catches it with the launcher and re-launches the Sky Pong ball again for other players to catch


  • New sport game that's easy to play

  • Play outdoor and/or indoor

  • 2 modes: Easy Mode - for beginner to catch with ease.  Advanced Mode: sky pong ball launch quicker and further for more exciting game play

  • Single Player and/or Multi-Players

  • Battery: 4 x AA for each Sky Pong (batteries not included)


Toys and games that bring your family together (and physically active!) is our passion. Yoheha® products are made with the same spirit in mind. We are proud to offer you a selection of their awesome products!