Tangle Original Chrome

The Chrome Original Tangle is sculptural art that moves! Its essence is derived from the concept of infinite energy and was inspired by the Tibetan Infinite Knot. With its sleek and fluid design, this Tangle reminds the viewer of being in a modern museum. 

Tangle is also art that heals and is used for a wide variety of reasons: from lowering anxiety to movement and sensory stimulation. You will find our Tangle Original Chrome everywhere illuminating the infinite power of creativity:

  • Doctors' and Therapists' offices and waiting rooms
  • Modern desk toys
  • Interior designers
  • Film & Photography shoots
  • Sold in the Museum of Modern Art Design Store & many other museum gift shops

For more information check out our educational website: www.TangleTherapy.com dedicated to the calming, therapeutic and "brain tools" applications of Tangle.

Dimensions: 12" x 2.6" x 3.5"
Weight: 0.7 lb
*Larger than both Tangle Jr. and Tangle Therapy size


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