Atomic Light Tangle® Fidgets

BrainTools Atomic Tangle (3xLED)

$ 15.00

NEW! A light-up twist on our classic Tangle toy! The Atomic Tangle is unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Watch in amazement as it lights up with every twist and turn - engaging the brain and stimulating creativity!

Translucent Tangle Jr. sections transmit Light throughout the Atomic Tangle creating a visually stunning experience right in the palm of your hands. This BrainTool is the ultimate visual stim tool.


    1. Hard, smooth texture with translucent sections
    2. 3x motion-activated LED modules
    3. Size: Tangle Jr.
    1. Cosmic LEDs activate the emotional, motor, and creative areas of the brain
    2. Relieves stress and anxiety
    3. Improves fine motor skills
    1. Colors may vary.
    2. Measures approximately 5" x 0.75" x 5". Made of fifteen 1" curved sections and 3x 0.75" round LEDs
    3. Due to the separating sections and small parts, the Tangle Jr. is a choking hazard for children under the age of 3.