Tangle NightBall is the Right Ball

May 20, 2014

Tangle NightBall is the Right Ball

Hey Tangle Fans,

It is May and it is time to play and I have to say that NightBall is the right way to do that today!!

The poem is slightly cheesy but it still has some validity! Our Tangle NightBalls are great fun when the weather is right and you can go outside and just play all night (oops, I'm rhyming again).

If you haven't seen the NightBall in action yet, please visit our YouTube link.

These balls are fun for everyone to catch and throw. It's water proof and it floats - so you can bring it to the lake, beach, or pool. The best part about the NightBalls is that they light up with motion or impact. The more you can get it to spiral, the brighter it gets (it's pretty exciting)!!

The Tangle NightBalls are new for 2014 and already have received many great reviews and accolades. Here is a couple for you to read through if interested:

The Toy Insider believes it to be one of the Best Outdoor Toys of the season. thinks the NightBall is more than just another football.

Day or night, we let our NightBalls take flight so that they can shine bright with their light!

Get yourself a NightBall from our website today and you will see just how much fun they really are.

Tangle-on, Tangle Fans!

Always in forward motion,

The Tangle Family

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