"I will not be satisfied until every man, woman, and child experiences the joy of the creative process. At Tangle, we help nurture this process through the development of fun, creative, and engaging art and playthings that are aesthetically pleasing and meant to be touched, held, and experienced. --Richard X Zawitz”




For over ten years I have professionally and personally recommended the Tangle line of toys for people on the autism spectrum. These innovative toys are durable, provide lots of finger movement, have interesting textures and are quiet. They work wonderfully well as fidgets for the classroom. My personal favorite, the Tangle Relax, is a fantastic calming toy for autistic individuals who enjoy tactile stimulation.
Kindest regards,
Bonnie Arnwine
National Autism Resources Inc.

I just wanted to thank you for making this amazing product! I got my first tangle three years ago and was addicted right away. I don’t know what it is about the Tangle that makes it so hard to put down. I’m a student and tangle helps me concentrate and focus on my work while helping me feel less stressed. It is also very helpful when I am studying. That was definitely one of the best purchases I ever made.
Thank you,

My class loved them [Tangles] and used them for the rest of the class period after they received them. They loved the designs, how they were detachable, and that they were small and portable. Also, with our finals just around the corner, it helped with focus and stress-relief. Thank you so much for sending my class the Tangles; we got extra credit and our class loved them!
Thanks again,

The AIT team has Fidget boxes that include various different tactile and manipulative items. These items are checked out to teachers throughout our four districts, to utilize with their students either identified on the Autism spectrum, diagnosed with AD/HD, or those needing items to assist with self-regulation and anxiety. We have 30 boxes, and currently 24 have been check out. Teachers have commented that the Tangles assist the student stay on task, participate in active listening, and reduce anxiety with regards to task demands. Teachers also enjoy manipulating them themselves.
School Psychologist

I love the little Tangle creations. I originally had been introduced to [the] product about three years ago. Ever year I go on a walk for MS. It is 50 miles in three days and is accomplished in one weekend a year. One of my friends I walk with, whom suffers from MS, gave the group these Tangles to use while we walked. They help prevent our hands from swelling up like hands normally do when you walk for long distances. They were also useful at keeping our minds off of our sore bodies.
Thank you for your product and keep up the good work.

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