Richard X Zawitz

Richard X Zawitz, Sculptor, Inventor and Tanglemaster was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Richard always felt an innate calling to a higher life purpose that would draw him outside the industrial, steel town he grew up in. Zawitz eventually discovered Hawaii as his source of inspiration and graduated from the University of Hawaii in 1972 with degrees in Asian Philosophy, Asian Art History and Fine Arts Sculpture. This led Richard on his journey to the East to live, work and study.

Since the late 1960s, Richard X Zawitz’s work has been devoted to the essences and energies which first became evident to him through Chinese Taoism, the entire pantheon of the form and the formlessness of Asian philosophy and metaphysics. With the good fortune of history (in particular the mind freedom, revolution and counter cultural movements in the mid 1960s) matching his in-born urges, Richard was also able to unlearn the western bias toward aesthetics and arts. Thus, as a natural born three-dimensional plus-ist, he has chosen sculpture to be the medium for his art.

Richard’s body of work spans areas of the three-dimensional world and beyond. His work encompasses not only Infinity Art but Tangle Creations as well. He works with materials as diverse as plastics, stainless steel, wood, stone, glass, fauna and flora and of course the mind.

Infinity Art in stainless steel is in collections both publicly and privately worldwide. His miniature works of art and playthings called Tangles can be found in homes, businesses and schools all around the world.


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