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Learning with Tangle Brain Tools August 28 2014, 1 Comment

Hello Tangle Fans,

As mentioned on our homepage, it's that time of year again when students go back to school and with it, all the work and stress from classes. Here at Tangle, it's our time to shine because our products have been proven to help ease minds while helping students think creatively and focus in the classroom.

The following is an exemplary testimonial of the classroom benefits of the Tangle:

"Many of the teachers were skeptical… but OMG the impact that tangles has had on my students at the high school students, both general ed and special ed students has been outstanding. ADHD students either love them or they drive them crazy. Those that love them have raised their scores on tests and quizzes. Our principal is ADHD and I gave him 4 tangles which as he is sitting at board meetings I have seen him playing with them on tv. I have a student with an emotional disability and he has to get it flattened up. When he is upset he grabs the tangle and works with it until they get it flat to the table. It helps that student get the frustration out of his system by flattening it. I have to roll it in my fingers when sitting in meetings now. The nurse in the building has asked for any extras to give to students that come down with emotional and in pain. The discipline principal gives them to that student that needs to get their frustrations out. I have one student that sits and takes it apart and puts it back together during class discussions. He is able to listen and work with his hands. Thank you soooo much. I have given Tangles my A in the grade book for tools that help every child no matter what the need. I will tell you that it really makes me mad when my students link my 20 class room set together and try to jump rope. I tell them now put them back together in the right amount or I will hunt you down. :O) I just want to thank you for touching the lives of both adults and children in the Franklin Community School Corporation. Your contribution has kept all of us out of trouble on one occasion or another. We treasure your contributions to our schools and we love the age appropriateness of the toy at any level." --Pam, Franklin Community School Corporation

Please check out our testimonials page for more examples of the benefits of Tangles in schools.

We are also having a contest to win a free copy of our educational guide "Learning with Tangle Brain Tools: The Playful Path to Learning At Home & In School." A hands-on guide for the home educator and school teacher to kinesthetically teach lessons in math, reading, grammar, and more; all using a Tangle! To win, just send us a picture of yourself or your student using their Tangle in whatever creative way and on Oct. 1st we will announce the winner. 


Tangle NightBall Soccer July 08 2014, 1 Comment

Hey Tangle Fans!

Get ready because Tangle Creations is about to amp up the most popular game in the world, soccer (futbol)!!! 


We are excited to announce that coming soon to stores is our Tangle NightBall Soccer ball. 

The awesome features of the Tangle NightBall Soccer ball:

  • It lights up upon impact and motion a.k.a when you kick it or when it rolls
  • It's waterproof!!
  • It's airless which means you never have to blow the ball up and you never get stuck playing with a flat ball
  • It's made from TPR which is non-toxic, latex free, and phthalate free

Demo vid:

Get ready because the Tangle NightBall Soccer ball will soon be in a store near you!



The Tangle Fam




Peace Through Creativity June 27 2014, 0 Comments

Hello Tangle Fans!

I have some interesting information to share with you this month! Some might not know this but as you manipulate the Tangle you are using both hemispheres of the brain - stimulating a release of serotonin and endorphins. With the release of these brain hormones you become more calm, focused, and have a better sense of well-being. 

In this less stressed out state, one can think more clearly and creatively about all kinds of things. I must also mention that creativity is not limited to drawing or painting but also to how we creatively think about a given situation. For instance, if you find yourself feeling glum, take out your Tangle, twist and turn it around and think about your issue (or don't think about it), and with time and some effort, you may find the solution to your problem or at least come to a conclusion about your situation! Or Tangles can literally inspire you to be creative! For example, you can use your Tangle as a figure for drawing, or the colors might inspire you to paint your nails the same colors (Instagram shout out!) which can be calming and relaxing. Or its fluid motion might help you focus enough to create an invention that will be the panacea for the worlds problems... who knows!?!

This is just something to think about the next time you twist and turn your Tangle. You might just come up with the next big idea for peace on Earth! We certainly hope you do!


Peace through creativity,

--The Tangle Family


Our Mission Statement:

“I will not be satisfied until every man, woman, and child experiences the joy of the creative process. At Tangle, we help nurture this process through the development of fun, creative, and engaging art and playthings that are aesthetically pleasing and meant to be touched, held, and experienced.” —Richard X Zawitz

Tangle NightBall is the Right Ball May 20 2014, 0 Comments

Hey Tangle Fans,

It is May and it is time to play and I have to say that NightBall is the right way to do that today!!

The poem is slightly cheesy but it still has some validity! Our Tangle NightBalls are great fun when the weather is right and you can go outside and just play all night (oops, I'm rhyming again). 

If you haven't seen the NightBall in action yet, please visit our YouTube link:

These balls are fun for everyone to catch and throw. It's water proof and it floats - so you can bring it to the lake, beach, or pool. The best part about the NightBalls is that they light up with motion or impact. The more you can get it to spiral, the brighter it gets (it's pretty exciting)!!

The Tangle NightBalls are new for 2014 and already have received many great reviews and accolades. Here is a couple for you to read through if interested:

The Toy Insider believes it to be one of the Best Outdoor Toys of the season: thinks the NightBall is more than just another football:


Day or night, we let our NightBalls take flight so that they can shine bright with their light!


Get yourself a NightBall from our website today and you will see just how much fun they really are.


Tangle-on, Tangle Fans!


Always in forward motion,

The Tangle Family






Tangle Creations Website Launch April 29 2014, 1 Comment


Hey there Tangle Fans! 

Welcome to our new Tangle Creations website! 

We are proud and excited to present our new website where you can easily purchase Tangle Creations, find out interesting information about Tangle Creations, and most exciting to us, it's a place where you can share YOUR thoughts and photos too!

Let the sharing begin!!

Looking forward to seeing what's to come!


With a Smile,

The Tangle Fam